For Sale: Duchess


Fox Hunter. Hunts the best. Suitable for novice rider. Percheron/TB cross.

Duchess is a delight to hunt.  Will lead the field or ride quietly in the field.  Very gentle.  Excellent jumper.  Hunts with the Live Oak Hounds, Bear Creek and Midland Hounds.  References available from masters and others.  Foaled 2008.  Percheron/TB cross.  16-2 plus hands. $18,000.

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Fox Hunts with Live Oak Hounds, Bear Creek and Midland.







 Excellent Jumper

Will lead the field or ride quietly in the field. 




References From Riders Who Have Hunted Duchess:

Duchess is a horse that is truly a pleasure to ride. She is a horse that is both accommodating to an inexperienced rider and a exciting to an experienced one.
Duchess does treat her riders with respect and expects the same treatment from her riders. A very calm horse, Duchess is perfect for anyone. She has taken me
through several hunts when my horse was out on injury without any trouble and while still letting me enjoy the hunt. I would recommend this horse to anyone who enjoys riding.

-Jack Reynolds. Live Oak Hounds


Well, since I love her and don't want her to leave, I should say terrible things about her. But, I have to be honest and say that Duchess was a superb mount; she was careful, balanced, agile and completely accurate in her footing selections. I was content to (attempt to) sit in the middle and trust her implicitly as she navigated between trees, around turns, through water, over ditches and, surprisingly, completely over what was at least a five foot bank, from a jog. She was responsive to voice and leg aids and would slow completely to a halt with the yoke. I cannot imagine a more appropriate horse for hunting in the Live Oak Country as I experienced it and I fervently hope I have another opportunity to ride her.


-Cathie Ledyard, Live Oak Hounds and Mr. Stewart's Chesire Fox Hounds